Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Place

What an amazing weekend we've had.  
Here's the cage Tim built so we could grow tomatoes and strawberries without the interference of deer.  Our yard has deer traffic constantly. They love to sample what's new or has young shoots in their trip to or from home.  Hopefully between the spraying and the cage we'll have a nice garden this year.
 Tim and I have worked hard to finish up the garden area. We weeded, fertilized and mulched the garden. Tim's been amazing at all he did to get this done. Thank you Tim.
This is one of my favorite flowers. This year mine didn't really come up. I got shoots and some very small stalks of flowers. This is another flower from my childhood. My mom had these growing in our backyard. I loved the perfume smell of these flowers.
This is soooooo me.  The back porch we have is also a happy place, but my ultimate happy place is the beach.  What is your happy place?
We continue to have several hummingbirds in our Salvia and feeder. I am just like a kid each time I see them. I stop what I'm doing and marvel at their visit. God's creations continue to amaze me.

This is Ben and Rachel at Josh's wedding in Burton, Ohio. Ben was in the wedding party. This was the first (and last according to Rachel), time Ben's worn a bow tie and suspenders! They are such a beautiful couple. I know I am biased. (:
This is my card for today's featured stamper challenge. I saw the hippo card and knew immediately what I wanted to use. I looked at my polka-dotted panel of green and thought it looked like a present so I added the bow on top.

This picture of the lighthouse on Nantucket really takes me back in time.  One summer when I was on my own a friend of mine and I took off in her VW Cabriolet for Nantucket.  We drove as far as we could then took the ferry across to the island.  This was a vacation that began my love affair with the beach. I loved the shops and friendliness of the people I met there. We stayed at a delightful bed and breakfast for a week and really enjoyed the inn keepers and their stories. The other guests gave us ideas of places to visit, shop and eat. It was a magical time for me.

Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a summer destination with dune-backed beaches. It’s marked by unpainted cedar-shingled buildings, many surrounded by manicured privets. The wharves and cobblestoned streets of the Town of Nantucket are lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques and steepled churches. The town’s Whaling Museum recounts the island’s role as a 19th-century whaling hub.
Outer Banks North Carolina was another magical place for me.  It was a time for family to enjoy a vacation together. Tim and I walked the beach. We walked so far we had to call the kids to have them pick us up at the pier.  They continued to tease us that we got LOST instead of just too tired to walk back to our place on the beach.  Fun times and memories.  We packed a lot into this trip.

We visited Kitty Hawk and learned so much about Orville and Wilbur Wright.  When we visited Greenfield Village, Michigan we saw the Wright Brother's Bicycle shop. It was originally in Dayton, Ohio where they lived.  I love the history I learn when I vacation as well as the sights, sounds and smells.

Well, the Cavs are down 2-0 in the NBA finals against Steph Curry and his Warriors.  It's back to Cleveland for Wednesday's game. Hopefully the Cavs will benefit from being at home.

Verse of the Day: It's interesting how these types of verses keep coming up for me. Our family is in turmoil and it seems like it's us against them.  The stress is awful until I'm reminded of these things. It's up to God to do the judging. It's up to us to love our enemies. Loving friends is easy, but loving those that have wronged us is very difficult.  Forgiving is near impossible. Forgiving isn't saying you approve of what happened to you, nor does it mean you forge what was done.  You hand it over to God and through His help, you forgive and move on. It is for your own good.  If you carry that anger, and don't forgive, it only hurts you.  Don't give Satan that kind of power. When you are side-lined with issues like this, you aren't doing God's work. You are distracted by these issues which can destroy you and your health if you let it.
A Real Change:

 Blessing of the Day: I got a call from Ben yesterday. He just wanted to talk. Awwwwww, right?  We talked for almost 45 minutes. I love my son!

Tim and I got the garden done. It's looks great and hopefully we'll both be able to get out of bed in the morning!

This is a good reminder of who I serve. This is an oldie from Jeremy Camp called, Christ in Me.

Thank you for stopping by.

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