Thursday, July 27, 2017

First Watch, Cards, My Defender

This morning began with breakfast on the other side of town at a place called, First Watch. My father-in-law and son, Ben have breakfast every other week. I asked Ben if I could come today since I haven't seem my FIL in a while.
When I got to the restaurant, after a 45 minute drive, my FIL was a bit confused. He didn't know I was coming.  I didn't know my daughter-in-law was coming. He got over his shock and scooted in so I could sit next to him in the booth.
He said he wanted to buy my breakfast for me. I insisted on paying the tip. So Ben and I took care of the tip.  We had a wonderful time talking and laughing.

We hugged before we parted ways. Dad said, "This just made my whole week!"  To us it's, 'just a visit'. To Dad it's cherished time with loved ones. It's the little things we do. We do them with no thought of anything in return. Sometimes we are given so much back. I felt a love and connection to my FIL and my kids.

Ben told a Harper, the puppy story. There was juice in a cup on the kitchen table. Ben heard slurping and went into the kitchen to find miss Harper on the table drinking the juice. LOL
He began to speak to her, "What are you doing up there?" "Have you lost your mind?"  "Get down from there."
I laughed so hard not only because of what the puppy did, but because he sounded like Tim. LOL

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I made t his giraffe card for the sketch challenge today.  The image was supposed to stick up above the background of the card.  I think I'll change it now that I've posted the picture online. This won't fit into an envelope if I keep it this way.  Inside the card it says, "I miss you."

This is the card I made for today's, Ways To Use It Challenge. You were to make a card with something HOT on it. You could use heat embossing or other things like a grill, iron, or anything else hot.  I chose the sun and the  beach. I sponged the whole thing. I stamped the starfish and added it with dimensionals. I masked the sun and after the sky was done, I added a light yellow to the sun.

Verse of the Day:
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Jeremy Camp:My Defender-I'm so glad that God is my defender. Take a look and listen to this song. Concentrate on the words. It's truly a beautiful song. I hope you like it.

Blessing of the Day: Time with Dad and the kids at breakfast.
I'm so glad that all of the frustration of getting to breakfast didn't stop me from showing up.  At times I wanted to give up.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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