Thursday, August 17, 2017

Feeling So Blessed

I don't believe in coincidence. I believe that God is in full control.  Tim's been out of work since last December. He got severance and unemployment so we're doing ok. Last night we were looking at numbers to see what we could afford to do and what that would mean.  We looked at several scenarios and are praying to know which to do.

Today in the mail Tim receives a notice that he has money in an account for a company that he worked for 28 years ago! What ever the amount was then has increased over time and now we have money we didn't even know about! I call that a blessing from God and a Cool God Story.

Thank you God for bringing that gift to us. So unexpectedly and a day after we were talking about what to do. We've said we trust You through all of this. We don't deserve this, but gladly accept it.

This is a new favorite stamp called, Painted Harvest. It will be available to order September 1st. I'm having fun playing with it.  The top pictures are thank you note cards and envelopes for customer orders.
 The second picture is a mini, food safe, pizza box. It can hold food, or a set of 3x3 notecards and envelopes. The envelopes are available September 1st as well. They are stinkin' cute to be sure!

This is a card I sent to my brother who is recovering from a quadruple heart bypass. The background is the shaving cream technique.

This card is for the SCS sketch challenge. I used my navy gingham ribbon and my daisy embossing folder.

   This is my card for today's challenge. You had to find something at home for inspiration and make a card. The sign is from sweet Sarah Annie. It's in my stamping room so I see it all day.

Today Tim and I went to a late lunch at Olive Garden. We haven't been there in years. Tim ordered soup and salad and I ordered a lunch size portion of fettuccine alfredo and soup.  This fettuccine was amazing! It made up for the fettuccine I ordered on our anniversary.  The portion size was just enough. Believe you me, I savored every bite.
Image result

Verse of the Day:Proverbs 15:16
Image result for Proverbs 15:16

God brings out the best in all of us. Give this a listen. It is called Best of Me by Jordan Feliz.

Blessing of the Day: Lunch Date with Tim and check in the mail.

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