Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So Busy

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to post here. Saturday I spent most of the day with a friend helping her organize her stamps. Organizing things is my specialty.

Sunday I spent time with Tim, then went to a friend's house to stamp. Lots of fun and several new quilt cards which I'll post another day.

Monday was spent running around. Went to Walmart to pick up my groceries. I love this service. I order online, and they deliver to my car for FREE.

I had to get things at Walgreens, so I stopped there. Then I had to deliver a package to the post office and go to Marc's to find things Walmart didn't have.

Sarah came over to swim, but first we drove out to Uncle John's Plant Farm to get some Mums. Huge mums were 3/$15. We looked through the cute things in their store. Lots of candles, mugs, jewelry, antiques and seasonal things. It's a fun mix of unique gift items.

Then we came home got something to eat, then swam in the pool
Last night Diana, In Her Own Words was on National Geographic. She had such a sad life even before marrying into the royal family. So glad she found happiness in her sons and later in her life after her divorce. She was taken too soon.
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I went to bed last night very late and received a text from Sarah needing to go to a med center. So I got up after 5 1/2 hours of sleep and got her to a med center. God was there, she was seen right away. We stopped at Panera for a bite to eat, then I took her home.  When I got home I had a coffee headache so I got coffee then promptly went for a nap!
It seems like time since Friday has flown by!

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. They always make me smile.
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 When I saw this I had to share it. I have a friend who has retired from teaching and she's trying to figure out what's next for her.  We'll see where God leads her.
 This is a card I made using a Sunflower stamp as the sun.  Cool huh? I've found some other interesting things to do with this stamp. Stay tuned.

 This is a card I made which took a card someone else made and change it to make it mine.

This is going to my friend, Jan who has the best sense of humor. This is her stamp. I saw this text with this old lady and just had to make it for her. I can't wait to see how she reacts.

This is Phoebe on the table with not a care in the world. Even as she saw me, she didn't move. I got a picture then squirted her with the water bottle. Maybe we should call her Queen Phoebe huh?

Here's our baby Chloe on the patio. She loves laying between this rock and the plants.  She turns 1 next week.

Verse of the Day: This verse was on our wedding invitations. It is very special to us.
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Here's a new song by Skillet called, Lions. Give it a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Sarah's feeling better.
I got some things done today like this post! LOL

Thank you for dropping by.

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