Saturday, September 30, 2017

Stamping With Jan

Today I had fun stamping with Jan. She helped me make multiples of this card to be sent to the South Carolina Juvenile Justice System.  Thanks Jan. This set is called, Plane and Simple by Lawn Fawn. Lawn Fawn is one of Jan't favorite stamp companies. She loves making scenes and Lawn Fawn has many small stamps so you can make scenes if you'd like.  This set has 34 small stamps. Yikes! That number of small stamps makes me break out in hives! LOL
I borrowed the set to make another card. I saw the paper airplane and wanted to make a card with it.
Here is the envelope for the card.
This is the inside. I used a strip of the background paper and one of the paper airplanes.
Jan and I had similar designer paper like this. We both said we'd make a card with it then check each other's out. Can't wait to see Jan's card. She's an amazing stamper.
This card was for today's Inspiration Challenge. We're given a website to look through. We choose something then make something similar. I took these square frames with pink flowers and changed them to an oval and this blue green for the background instead of the green in the photo.  The lilies stamp is an old PSX wooden stamp. They made some of the most beautiful flower stamps way back when.
Moss And Wicker Frames

Verse of the Day:John 16:33
Image result for john 16:2

Love this Matthew West song called Broken Things. Matthew sings songs which are taken from real life occurrences that fans send to him. He takes their stories, goes to his cabin in the woods, and spends days writing songs to go with the story they've given him.
It's another way Matthew West touches hearts; his songs are so real that we can all relate somehow to them. 

Blessing of the Day: I stamped with Jan and had a productive day.
Tim and I watched the Indian's Game. They lost but it's no big deal. Tomorrow is the last day of the regular season.
 Thursday begins the road to the World Series.
A shout-out to my twin and her husband, Sorry Milwaukee got bumped out the the running.  Now you can have a clear favorite to cheer for next week.

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