Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cat In A Box, Birds, Cards A Plenty

It's a sad day for me here at the Craig House. The pool is closing for the season. I guess I can't complain, I was swimming in it until last Saturday. We have a heater so our season begins earlier and ends a bit later than our neighbors.

Any time we get a new box in the house the cats have to test it out. Here Phoebe is waiting for Chloe to give her opinion. Chloe's taking her time to irritate Phoebe. That's what little sisters do! LOL  Plus Phoebe wouldn't want the box if Chloe wasn't in it.
So the man who owns the woods behind our house is fencing it in. I guess he's had run-ins with people storing wood on his property. He even had someone build a patio on his land! So a 6 foot fence is going up. He's also been told to clean up the area where he knocked down dead trees and left it a mess for all of us to look at. We're wondering if it will keep the deer from passing through. That might not be such a bad thing!  It's just sad that now that wooded area will be fenced off with a chain link fence.

 Lunch the the Craig Cafe. As you can see there is a full house. It's so fun to hear and watch these birds congregate at the feeder.

In know this photo isn't the best, but I have to share the joy it brought me. One morning when I woke up I heard this little voice talking to his mom. He was excitedly filling his wagon with leaves.  Moments later mom was filling the wagon too.  It's been a long time since we've had little ones in our area, so it was a joy to hear him.  God sends joy our way all the time. We just have to 'see' it.

                               This is an anniversary card Emily and I made last week. I wasn't sure that I wanted to put anything on the front. I like the white on white on this card.  the right side opens to reveal a full heart on the left flap.

 This is the 3-D item we made at my class last night. It is for the Thanksgiving table.

 This is one of the cards we made for the class last night. I used the quilt embossing folder then the diamond pieces.
 This is the Tranquil Tulips paper with Powder Pink ink and card stock. I showed the ladies that they could draw a black border around their image and create a faux black layer. A permanent black marker is best.
 Color Theory designer paper was the background, then bright leaves on top of that.

This is one of the cards I made using Jan's embossing folder and Hippo Set.
 Here's another card with the same set from Jan. These little guys were so cute to work with.
Bible Verse:Luke 12:48
Image result for Luke 12:48
This is a pretty song that tells of the peace we can have when Jesus is the center of our life.

Blessing of the Day: I had breakfast with Sarah and shopped for some fall decorations.  Tim got the pool started with the closing process. He also got things in the garage moved and reorganized.

We got new neighbors today. We will meet them after they get settled. I'm praying that God will lead us when it's time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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