Sunday, January 14, 2018

Finished, Pandas, Mom

Sometimes in January once the decorations are put away, it becomes quiet and we become unmotivated to do things. I'm that way. I've had to push myself to make at least one card a day. When I came across this I knew I had to share. If I'm feeling this way, maybe others are too. We cannot listen to the enemy when he tells us lies. We are God's child, protected by Him. We need to remember if He is for us who can be against us!  When Satan starts whispering his lies, tell him, "It is finished!" "God is my Father and you have no hold on me." "I won't listen to your lies."
I chuckled at this post on FB. Our cats felt the same way. They were out on the screened in porch one day and inside the next.
This is Sedona, Arizona. We visited here and thought it was one of prettiest places. The rocks were so colorful with all their lovely shapes. We never visited when there was snow.

This is the inspiration for my card today. 

I changed the layout and colors. I used hearts as balloons so this could be a Valentine.  This was fun to make. With the heart framelits and a heart punch it went quickly.

Visited Mom today. It's amazing how far she's come since her stroke Feb. 15th of last year. She eats normally, gets around in a wheelchair or walker. Gets to the bathroom with wheelchair or walker. She dresses and undresses herself. She also gets in and out of bed on her own.
Her therapy has really paid off.
She is happy at the nursing home and has gotten used to it. She no longer talks about going home. She feels comfortable there and safe. She seems happy and healthy. That's all you can ask, right?

Like our kids, we want Mom to be happy and healthy with a good quality of life. Living in the nursing home has kept her socializing and stimulated by all of the activity around her.  If she were at home, she'd be by herself with visits from my nephew who lives there also.

Verse of the Day: Amos 5:24
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This song is new to me. It's called, The Very Next Thing, by Casting Crowns. Give it a listen. It will get you thinking about the next thing you can do on your journey with God. We all have a purpose you know.

Blessing of the Day: I got to see Mom. I had lunch with her. She seemed good. She carried on a conversation with me. After about an hour and a half she was ready for a nap. She does so well doing for herself. It's interesting how roles reverse as we age. I kissed her goodbye as she went for her nap. How many times did she kiss me before my naps? Sweet times for sure.

We also got to see Ben and Rachel. They stopped by after their youth group activity nearby. It was so nice to see them. Ben's been working a lot of hours since he's not at school until later in January.

So many blessings each day. Thank you Lord for all the bounties you bless us with.

Thank you for visiting.

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