Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year!  How in the world is it New Years Day? Time seems to go by so quickly these days.
This is the collage I got from Facebook for 2017. It's a nice culmination of photos from the year.

 We did make it to Bedford Square this year on Sarah's birthday. It was the coldest night. It was so cold that we walked quickly from the cars to the gazebo where we get photos taken, then got a picture of Rudolph and his sleigh. We quickly ran back to the cars to warm up. It was pretty nasty but we had to do this. It's so hard to get everyone together now that kids are working.  Rachel took this picture.
 I took this picture. Sarah got up too late to meet us here so she's not in the pictures this year. We said we'd Photoshop her in.
 Every year we do this. It would be very interesting to get the photos from previous years and compare the kids in them. It might be something fun to do for the kids.  We've done this for 24 years. Tim began the tradition with Brianna since they lived close to this area. When we got married, we began the tradition for our family.
 This is the card I made for a double challenge. One challenge was to use black and white. The other challenge was to make a thank you card and make it 'chilly' looking.
I've said this for the longest time that I was going to do this. This year I have my jar out and will begin to write things, then read them on New Years Eve.
This is my idea of bringing in the new year. Did you see all of the people freezing in New York, waiting for the ball to drop? Not for me at all. I wouldn't wait all day just to watch the ball drop in Time's Square.
Verse of The Day:
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Here's an oldie, but a goodie. Jeremy Camp singing, Jesus Saves.

Blessing of the Day: We had a laid-back day. It was a pajama day.
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