Friday, April 6, 2018

Opening Day 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio

Today was opening day at Cleveland Indian's Stadium on the shores of Lake Erie. The temperature was 40 but with the wind  it felt more like 30 degrees. People were freezing, but there was a sold-out crowd as always!
I think northern cities should have a later, home opener.  Maybe our teams could play in the South and West until it's warm enough to hold a baseball and pitch! LOL
Today the pitchers said they sometimes couldn't feel their fingers so it was hard to find the correct release point to throw different pitches.

Ohio State University's Band came to play the opening day music.
 This is the Terminal Tower Thursday evening.
Loved this when I saw it. There's no place like your tennis shoes three times and open your eyes to find you're in your seat at the ball game.

Actually Tim and I thought this very thing as we sat here at home watching the game in our warm family room.

 This is Francisco Lindor who does so much for the team and for others.
 Finally Michael Brantley is back playing in the lineup. He got a hit on the first pitch that came to him.
 The weather we've had here in Cleveland is crazy. I was looking at all of the flowers in the garden that are popping up. Then they were snow covered.
 This was on FB and I just had to share.
 Here are two card that I made which will be going to South Carolina Juvenile Justice System.
 This card will go there also. This is a stamp set called, Waterfront. It is a fun set to play with.
 This is my hundred year old rocking chair. I am on step 3 of caning it.

This is the card I made for the Christian Crafters Group where we had to use a heart on the card.

Blessing of the Day: I got to see Jane and we went to see the movie, Paul.
Tim and I watched the Home Opener together.
I won the March Madness Pool, so I get to buy ice cream for everyone.

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