Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kids, Cats and World Changers

So this morning Tim and I went out to walk. As we rounded the corner, we could hear loud, kid voices. Today was garbage day and a neighbor had a bunch of stuff on the lawn. There were suitcases, boxes, old stuff and a chair. The voices grew louder and more excited behind us.
We were far ahead of the kids so we just continued to walk and smile at the excitement of the kids.

As we rounded the corner at the other end of the street, we heard an angry mom telling the kids to, "Take that garbage back to where you found it!"  One of the boys carried something up the hill to return it. The other little boy rode his bike. They left the chair for their sister to carry up the hill.

Poor thing, she tried, then waited for the boys to come back down the hill. They helped her get the chair back to where it came from.  She had not been part of the original scavenger hunt but helped her brothers anyway.

Part of this is funny because I can relate to finding cool stuff in your neighbor's yard on garbage day.
Tim and I had a neighbor in Parma who sent their kids out the night before garbage day to search for things that were in good shape. I don't know if they sold these items at flea markets or kept them to use for themselves.  It was interesting to see what these kids would bring home.

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Chloe did something very unusual the other night. Tim and I were watching the Cleveland Indians game. I was crocheting blocks as I watched. Chloe jumped up on the table next to me and proceeded to crawl into my lap and go to sleep.

She NEVER has done this for Tim or me.  We were both in total disbelief.  I took this picture to prove she had done it.  It was the sweetest thing to experience that. Thanks God for the little bit of joy that gave me.

Phoebe often sleeps in the chairs Tim or I sit in, on the back porch.  Yesterday for some reason, Chloe jumped up to see Phoebe on the chair.  Phoebe usually reacts with a hiss and growl.  Today she must have been too tired to react. She let Chloe stay there on the chair.
Chloe is the little sister who has to be where Phoebe is. It gets to be annoying after a while.  I remember this from my childhood.

This is my card for the color challenge on SCS. The colors were bermuda bay, flirty flamingo and so saffron. I stamped off on the saffron layer. I stamped flirty flamingo regular strength. The bermuda bay was stamped off twice before adding it to the card. The pearls were last after the sentiment was stamped in black. 

I saw this on FB and had to share. It was such a peaceful scene. I chuckled when I read the words and had to share.

Verse of the Day:
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I've been listening to Amazon Music, Matthew West. Here's the song that touched me today.

Blessing of the Day: Tim cut the front and back grass, trimmed and swept. I made dinner for this great guy. The menu was turkey, garlic mashies and gravy.  This is one of his favorites.

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