Monday, February 25, 2008

Jane's In The House

Sarah spent the weekend putting her project together. Her tri-fold board has most of the elements of her project. She also had to do other things like make a newscast on dvd, make a puzzle, write several journal entries, and do a magazine article. Anyway, I'm so glad this project is done. I'm proud of what she's done with this project. Tomorrow she must give her report. I'm praying she'll do well.

This card was made for the SCS challenge today to use two different design papers. I wanted this to look old so I added ink to the brown sepia image and used my distressing tool on the edges. A full description is in my SCS gallery.


Sharon in NE said...

Nice job Sarah!

Rebecca said...

The card is beautiful, I love that set!

Jane Goodall was just here in FL ... she spoke at the local high school. I didn't get to go, but what a marvelous opportunity for our community!