Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday P.T. and Card Ministry

Today began in a WONDERFUL way, with Physical Therapy!  It is not fun at all.  It's a lot of work and lots of pain after.  I hope to see results soon.  Right now my back and one hip are sore.  I got more exercises to do today.  I have so many he told me to do some in the morning and some in the evening.

  Today Ben was still under the weather.  He had the bad headache again and slept most of the day.  He ate little bits throughout the day.  I'm praying that this passes.  He's not been sick like this is a long time.

Here is the card I made for the Friday Free 4 All on SCS.  You had to do this tri-fold pocket card.  I had fun with a new stamp set.  Isn't this duck just the cutest thing?  In case you can't read the words under the duck they say,  Spoil yourself today.....The word relax and the duck stamp are from Popcorn the Bear stamps. The paper and the rest of the card are Stampin' Up.

This was a great reminder for me today.  I keep struggling with wanting my prayer answered now and God  must have some GREAT thing for me.  That will keep me going since He can think of better things than I can.  Patience is so hard to do for me, how about you?
This was an interesting poster to see today since my Bible Study was talking about this last night.  One gal said there are only 4 ladies on her floor.  So 4 ladies use one bathroom.  This woman's pet peeve is people not changing the tp.  She said she went in to use the one stall and had to change the paper.  She was grumbling and then reminded herself that she's working for God and should be a servant for Him.
So she changes the roll being a servant and leaves.  In the afternoon she goes to the other stall and guess what?  No TP on the roll..........REALLY!  I have to change this one too?  She was ready to lose it again then coached herself again knowing who she was working for.  She needed a servant's heart.
She later laughed about it thinking how she doesn't usually have to change to roll but once every couple of months and today she had to change it twice!  God must have been chuckling up there in Heaven watching her reaction.  I'm sure he has a sense of humor.

Time to get some ice on my hurting spots and get some sleep.

Blessing from today: God puts people into my life that have needs and He makes them known to me.
 At card ministry an older woman whose been coming worked with one of my friends.  She loves making cards so much she wanted a catalog.  Later my friend asked if I knew this lady had cancer.  I'm praying for this lady and if I can give her some pleasure with stamping I'm going to do that.  Gotta find a way to get her some things and not deplete her own cash.

Thank you for stopping by.  It means so much to me.

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RitaR said...


Just wanted to let you know how inspired I am by your beautiful card creations and all that you share concerning your walk with Christ! When I read about Ben's headache I stopped and had prayer for him. Keep up your good work with the physical therapy .... as well as your encouraging blog and card ministries!