Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Already?

I can't believe it's Thursday already.  We leave early Saturday morning so tomorrow is our last day here.  Today was much cooler weather and we had to wear jeans and hoodies here in Maine.  Cloudy weather and rain again today.  We had a small span of time this afternoon where it didn't rain and we went down main street to check out a few shops.
  Yesterday we did our Lighthouse stops here in Portland.  I got a few pics. and so did Tim.  His are here in the computer so I'll post his.

Here is a picture of Tim tonight as we were having coffee together.  We took a walk together then sat outside for a bit to have coffee.  We had to go in because it started to rain and he was cold.
We've seen our share of ocean ducks since we've been here.  We have parents and ducklings in the little cove by our house here.  These were some out near the lighthouse.
Here's a song by Josh Wilson called Fall Apart.  Take a listen.

Time to get some sleep.
Blessing of the Day: We had a lively and fun-filled dinner conversation tonight.  Love these times when we laugh at things said.  There is a lot of quick, wit in this house. 
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