Sunday, November 30, 2014

62 Degrees In Cleveland, Ohio on November 30th!

What an amazing day weather-wise!  Our high of the day was 62 degrees!  Who would have believed that it would warm up that much today.  What a blessing this was for several reasons.
  First it meant that Grandpa Craig could drive over to our house to share Thanksgiving dinner with us.  We were all in different places on Thanksgiving, so we decided to meet up today to share our traditional family dinner.  Grandpa is always included.

Tim loves to cook so he does the meal and I help when it gets close with table setting, pouring drinks, getting rolls and butter to the table etc.  A new addition to the Thanksgiving table was broiled asparagus.  Ben, Rach, Tim and Dad liked it very much.  Sarah and I, not so much.

After dinner, conversation and pumpkin pie, Dad went home with a goody bag for dinner tomorrow.

Tim and I then set out to decorate our front yard with lights.  The sad thing is that all of the bushes we used to hang lights on were destroyed by the deer, so we only have bushes on one side of the house.  Oh well, we had beautiful weather to do this job.  What's nice is that most of the lights are the kind you throw over bushes and connect together.

Last year we added a beautiful angel and Baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph.  I love the Christian pieces that we've added.

As we were putting up our lights, our neighbor was washing his car!  Only in Ohio right?! LOL

We decided that Wednesday we will begin to put up Christmas decorations after dinner.  Should be interesting with Ben and Rachel here.

Today I sat outside on the screened-in porch just enjoying the weather.  Phoebe was in and out of the porch all day.

Yesterday I got to watch the Ohio State Game.  It's fun because Ben and Sarah root for Michigan while Rachel and I root for Ohio State.  What a game it was.  Too bad Ohio State quarterback was injured.  Ben says Ohio State won't do well next week without him.

This was a fun picture I saw today as I was looking around the web.  These Puffins are so cute.  I'd love to go to Northern Maine to see them.  When we went to Maine, we were in southern Maine, no where near these guys.
  My sister, Anne visited Maine years ago and sent some wonderful pictures of the Puffins they saw.  Ever since then I've wanted to see real Puffins.  Maybe someday......
 Here's a card I made for the Featured Stamper today on SCS.  I like the way this pine cone stamp looks as a wreath.  I cut out two pine cones and added them under the bow.  The card that was my inspiration from Nancy's gallery is next.
Here is Nancy's card that was my inspiration.
Take a listen and look at this song.  See what you think.  It's called, We Are Brave, by Shawn McDonald.
Blessing of the Day:Time with Tim's Dad and our family.
Thanks for stopping by today.

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