Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ocean Flowers at Joes

I heard this song yesterday and was once again reassured how much God loves me.  In spite of all I do He loves me. When I do what I want to do and get behind on my quiet time, He still loves me.
So thankful for God's love in my life. My life is so rich because of Him.

This is the card I made today for the featured stamper challenge on SCS.  Here's my inspiration:

Yesterday I stamped with Jane.  What a fun time we had.  First we went to Joe's.IMG_9732-(1)IMG_3879
They have this fabulous German dumpling soup that just 'makes everything ok'.  I feel so good while eating this stuff.  It takes away all the stress of the day and takes me to a quiet place.  I should have had some of this stuff when I was teaching! LOL

This place has a reputation for delicious desserts and large servings.  The sandwiches Jane and I got we had to take some of the ingredients off so we could bite into it.  

I finished my Easter cards on the outside.  Now all I have to do is stamp the inside greeting.

Last night was The Craig Family Card Night.  Brianna and Scott came over and fun was had by all but me.  The Craig family has played cards for years at family gatherings.  Our family has our own card night because it's so popular.  I've not liked playin because my MIL plays for blood.  She was a serious player and hated to lose.  I liked to play to have fun, but that's not how it was when she played.  So I opted out early in my connection with the family.  
When they have card night like last night I have lots of fun listening to the loud fun they have.
It will be a great memory for all of the kids for years to come.  Who knows, they may have card games when they have families.

Today the weather was gorgeous with the sun melting more of the snow away. Spring begins at the end of the week, but I'll sure take it early.  We still could have snow, but with each day the chances are less and less.

Today was nap day.  I didn't sleep well last night so today I got a nap.  I don't normally take naps, but I kept falling asleep at the keyboard. LOL

Blessing of the Day:Nap with Tim.  Sunshine and blue skies.
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