Saturday, September 10, 2016

FREE SALE, Cards, You Can Have It All

Well today was the day I invited friends to come and take home anything left out on the tables I set up.  I've been stamping for 15 years and have had many stamps donated to me for the different Card Ministries I've done.  Well today was the day that friends came by and were given a big, black garbage bag, and told to take everything they wanted for FREE!

The ladies were fun to watch when they shopped.  They looked at stamps, picked them up and compared them like they could only have one or the other.  I told them to just swipe with their arm or hand and move the stamps into their bags! LOL

You can only use so many stamps and I was having a hard time storing them.  There were lots of single, wood stamps. I also had wooden sets, and clear mounted as well as some photopolymer stamps.

I had retired SU ribbon, drawers to store stamps in, SU ribbon holders, plastic trays to hold wooden stamps, punches, framelits and stamps, you name it, it was here.

The minimal number of things I have left will be sent to a few ladies who can use them for the organizations they make cards for.  Thank you God for giving me the idea to do this.  Today was like Christmas for lots of ladies.  It was great to give stamps new homes where they will be used.  It helped me down-size the number of stamps I have.

I can't imagine how many stamps I have left now.  I guess we won't go there! LOL
Cute Traditional Japanese Style Wooden Rubber Stamp  for cards ...

I have been busy making cards this week for Ben and Rachel to use for Thank You cards for people who support them.  This is a modified Z-fold card.  It is very easy to make.
 This is another card I made with the same set but it is only a regular card without the Z-fold.
 This is a smaller thank you card.  This is from Stampin' Up and comes with envelopes.
 Here's the other card I made changing the colors a bit.

Here's my great-nephew, Adam, trying to eat some of mama's food.  He still eats baby food.
 Saw this on FB.  It brought back memories for me.  We used to have A&P, Fazios, Pick-N-Pay and Kroger around here when I was young.  There may be others but that's all that comes to mind.
 This is Brianna's sweet kittie cuddling with her. So sweet isn't she?
Verse of the Day:
Image result for John 10:10
Have it All by Brian Johnson-Have your ever told God, 'You can have it all?"  Take a listen.

Blessing of the Day: I donated much of my stamping items to friends today!  I have boxed up the rest to be donated.  That's a great feeling!

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