Saturday, May 6, 2017

Noah It's Time to Build the Ark in the Backyard!

I couldn't post this because I couldn't log into my blog. I fixed that and now I can blog again.

I have to tell you that the weather here in Cleveland, Ohio is crummy! We've had cold, wet, windy days for the last week.  I am ready to get started on the ark. It's very depressing with weather like this. It affects so many of us here in the north.

The weather like this seems to zap your energy. All you want to do is sleep. You feel blah and just want to eat, sleep and watch tv.

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I'm desperate for something other than clouds, rain and cold weather so I found some pictures to help me smile while the rain goes on, and on, and on.

                                                These tulips are so colorful they brought a smile to my face.

 This is one of my favorite flowers.  Sunflowers always bring a smile to my face. I loved seeing the one we have locally. The field is filled with flowers with prayers and pictures attached to remember or pray for people with cancer.  It is an amazing sight to see.  I hope to go again this year before the flowers begin to fade.

 This is one of my favorite birds. I have to get my hummingbird feeder out, but can't with all of this rain.  They usually come back in May. If we can get the rain to stop for a few minutes I could get the feeder filled and outside.

 This is Ben and Rachel's puppy, Harper. Isn't she stinkin' cute? I can't wait to meet her.

Check out the Cav's update.  We're up 3 games to none. Sunday afternoon will be a telling game.
Verse of the Day:
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This is for all of those people who suffer with depression. You can't just snap out of it. It's a real battle that takes so much energy each and every day.  With our Cleveland winters and this horrible April showers weather in May, it's seen more and more. Dark and dreary lend themselves to depression. They set the mood so to speak.

Keep in touch with all you know who have depression. Let them know they are amazing and loved.
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This is a new song for Mandisa. I love the message she sends in her song.

Blessing of the Day: This was a do little kind of day. I needed one of these days.

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