Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lemonade, Cats, Stronger

What a fun surprise I had the other night. As I was rounding the corner toward home, I saw the cutest sight. Two young girls were standing on the tree lawn with a lemonade stand.  Oh my, it took me back to times when we valued even a quarter so much more than today.  I pulled into the driveway right next to them and told them I'd like a glass of lemonade.  They said it was 50 cents.  I gave them a dollar and told them to keep the change.  Such a fun act of kindness.  I could see their mom watching from the garage.  As I talked to the girls they told me that they set up their stand to sell to people who were walking in the neighborhood.  What a great idea! Who could pass these cuties without buying lemonade?  I asked if they'd be doing this again. They said they would so I'll be watching for that lemonade stand. (This is NOT a picture of the girls. I wouldn't share a picture of children I didn't know.)  What a fun and memorable experience. Thanks for the memories girls!
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This is the card I made for the sketch challenge this week on SCS. I am using three new colors from Stampin' Up. The colors are powder pink, berry burst, and   fresh fig.

I loved this when I saw it. We've always taught our kids that if we see a need they can fill, to do it. I was reminded of that Memorial Day at our picnic. We were talking about how Sarah was so helpful to her friends in elementary school.  She always seemed to be taking someone from the playground, who was hurt, to the office.  When we said this Sarah said, "Well every morning when you'd drop us off you say, "If you see a need you can fill, do it!"  My heart swelled at hearing this. You never know what your kids hear and use in all that you say to them.  It was a happy Mom moment.

I'd love to have coffee near the water like this. It is so quiet, peaceful and relaxing to be in a place like this.

This is a picture Tim took of the two cats in our pantry.  We've moved most things off the bottom shelf because Chloe would bounce things off the shelf, like potatoes. You can barely see them, but the potatoes are right above Chloe in the wire basket.  They are attracted to this place because we used to store their treats here, and the tuna Tim shares is stored here.

Verse of the Day:
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This is a new artist for me. See what you think of Stronger by Jor'dan Armstrong.

Blessing of the Day: Time with Tim on the back porch.

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