Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mom Turns 86

Yesterday Mom turned 86. I made this candle card for her. I had seen something on Pinterest that was similar and I thought it would be fun to give Mom something a little different.  She loved it. She started to count the candles and I  told her there were 10 on each page. When she got to 80, she said, "I'm not that old!" I asked her how old she was and she said, "I don't know." I told her it was right, she was 86. I told her I don't feel as old as I am either. Isn't it amazing how we each age year by year but don't 'feel' older? We recognize changes in our body and mind, but not in how we feel age wise. 

I had a great visit with mom. She seemed settled for the most part. She didn't ask to go home. She didn't wonder where she was. She spoke as though she's accepted this place as home and those around her like family. She spoke about those around her and their routine. She continues to be independent in most everything there. She still has a tough time coming up with nouns and words she wants to say. That's remnants of the stroke in February.  She was very talkative which really sparked our visit. It was almost like visiting her at home where we'd spend hours knitting, crocheting and talking.  Good times. Thank you Lord for the blessing of this visit today.

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 I saw this on FB and laughed. Thought I'd share since it applies to all of us! LOL

This reminded me of Sarah. When she lived here she'd drink Redbull. She liked this post.

 This is the card I made for today's featured stamper at SCS. Here's the inspiration for my card. My card has the border cut out and the ribbon.

I saw this online and it took me back to the days of making these myself. Sarah also spent lots of time making these. In fact, she had a business day in middle school where she had to have a product to sell. She made lots of these to sell. She sold some and I ended up with quite a few that became coasters. I still use them today and think of her.   Isn't it fun how the simplest things can bring about sweet memories? 

We take for granted all we've been given. Often we take for granted all God does for us. I'm so sorry Lord for not keeping you first in my life. Thank you for being here every second of every day.
Today I knew you were near. My visit with Mom was amazing!

Verse of the Day:
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God's name is the one that matters to me. I hope that applies to you as well.

Blessing of the Day: Today's biggest blessing was my visit with Mom. She was animated and talkative, initiating conversation about her surroundings. I'm thrilled that she's getting used to being at Parkside Villa. She's been there since March. Praising you God for giving her peace and comfort in her life where she lives now.

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